Strategic Plans

In our role as the leading national health research institute, our Strategic Plan stands at the forefront of our mission to spearhead transformative advancements in the realm of health science. This meticulously crafted plan not only aligns with our foundational commitment to public health enhancement but also articulates a coherent and ambitious roadmap designed to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare challenges. It is a testament to our dedication to scientific and operational excellence, aiming to bridge the gap between innovative research and its practical application for public health improvement.Our institute’s Strategic Plan is complemented by the broader Health Sector Strategic Plan, ensuring a synergistic approach to addressing national and global health priorities. This dual-framework strategy enables us to focus our efforts on areas with the highest potential for impact, ranging from groundbreaking public health interventions and disease prevention strategies to the development of cutting-edge healthcare technologies. By fostering strategic partnerships across the health sector, including collaborations with academia, industry, and community stakeholders, we amplify the reach and effectiveness of our initiatives. As we embark on the journey outlined by these strategic plans, our guiding principles—integrity, inclusivity, and sustainability—are more critical than ever, ensuring that our contributions not only advance scientific knowledge but also promote equitable and sustainable health outcomes for communities worldwide.