The National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) recently underwent a significant digital transformation, spearheaded by its Director-General, Prof. Said Aboud. The implementation of the eBoard system marks a milestone in enhancing efficiency in coordinating management meetings and the Institute’s Council.

In his opening address, Prof. Said Aboud highlighted the pivotal role the eBoard system would play in revolutionizing the management process. This digital platform enables the secretariat to prepare agendas, meeting summaries, and track matters arising from discussions, paving the way for seamless production of performance reports throughout the year.

One of the system’s key features is its capability to consolidate all meeting information into a centralized hub, ensuring timely access to critical reports. Moreover, the transition to digital processes will significantly reduce paper usage, aligning with NIMR’s commitment to sustainability.

Prof. Aboud also emphasized the system’s flexibility, enabling participants to join meetings remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. This accessibility fosters inclusivity and efficiency, allowing stakeholders to contribute regardless of their physical location.

The comprehensive one-day training, conducted at the NIMR headquarters with support from facilitators from the e-Government Authority, underscores the Institute’s dedication to embracing cutting-edge technology. By simplifying and streamlining the coordination of management meetings and Council activities, the eBoard system sets a new standard for advancing health research and enhancing operational efficacy at NIMR.