NIMR's Impactful Presence at the 9th East African Health & Scientific Conference 2023

The 9th East African Health & Scientific Conference (EAHSC) in Kigali, Rwanda, witnessed a remarkable participation from the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), Tanzania. Led by the NIMR Director General, Prof. Said Aboud, who also serves as a Commissioner of the East African Health Research Commission (EAHRC), the NIMR delegation played a vital role in advancing healthcare in East Africa.

1. Pioneering Leadership in the Fight Against Viral Diseases

Prof. Said Aboud chaired the session on COVID-19 & other Viral Diseases, underlining the institution’s commitment to tackling public health challenges. This leadership reflects NIMR’s dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration in the region.

2. Empowering Researchers and Fostering Collaboration

NIMR exhibited its core functions, emphasizing Health Research Regulation, Research Works, and the Tanzania Journal of Health Research. This exhibition showcased NIMR’s role in empowering researchers and promoting collaboration across the region.

3. Illuminating Plenary Sessions on Health Research

The EAHSC 2023 featured enlightening plenary sessions where NIMR members made significant contributions. Dr. Mashoto explored Intellectual Property in Traditional Medicine, Dr. Kagaruki delved into community knowledge on noncommunicable diseases, and Mr. Hamisi Japhari unveiled insights on Herbal Medicine for Maternal Conditions. These sessions enriched knowledge for a healthier Tanzania.

4. Shaping Healthcare with Cutting-Edge Research

NIMR’s commitment to cutting-edge research was evident at EAHRC 2023. Doreen Pamba’s study on Tuberculosis Service Delivery during COVID-19 in Tanzania and Akili Kalinga’s evaluation of serological thresholds for Onchocerciasis elimination promise to shape healthcare for the better.

5. Recognition for Dedication to Health Research

NIMR proudly announced its First Runner-Up spot at the exhibition, a testament to its dedication to health research. This recognition underscores the institution’s commitment to healthcare innovation and its significant contributions to EAHRC 2023

6. Impact of COVID-19 on TB Services Delivery

The NIMR-Mbeya Centre also made a significant contribution to the conference. Dr. Wiston William presented research on the impact of COVID-19 on TB services delivery in Tanzania. The study noted a 6.4% decline in case notifications and a 2% increase in bacteriological confirmed cases, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for healthcare services during the pandemic.

In conclusion, NIMR’s active participation and impactful contributions at the 9th East African Health & Scientific Conference 2023 reflect its commitment to advancing healthcare in East Africa and beyond. Through leadership, research, and collaboration, NIMR continues to be a driving force in healthcare innovation and knowledge dissemination. The institution’s dedication to improving public health in Tanzania and the East African region remains unwavering.

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