Elevating TB Diagnostics: USAID's TIFA Project Empowers Dodoma RRH with 10-Color Module GeneXpert Machines

A significant milestone achieved by the USAID funded TIFA project as Mbeya Medical Research Centre scientists led by the NIMR Director General, Prof. Said Aboud, officially handed over the 10-Color Module GeneXpert machines🧬 acquired under the @TIFA_Project, to the dedicated team at Dodoma Regional Referral Hospital’s TB laboratory.
The event was witnessed by the National TB and Leprosy Program (NTLP) and the management team of Dodoma RRH.
This molecular platform has demonstrated a pivotal role in enhancing XDR-TB diagnostics in the country during its 1 year of implementation.
The team further demonstrated how the linkage of results from the 10-color module GeneXpert machine to the Electronic TB and Leprosy data system (ETL) has been a success in shortening the turnaround time for MDR and XDR laboratory results.
We look forward to ensuring long-term collaborative efforts in sustaining the functionality of these platforms in all 4 zonal laboratories that have been capacitated to perform these tests #TIFA #USAID #NIMR #NTLP #EndTBCollaboratively