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Dive into our latest research advancements and discoveries through our regular newsletters. Each edition is packed with insights from our experts, updates on ongoing projects, and highlights of our community involvement.


Our institute is committed to the highest standards of research integrity and ethics. Explore our comprehensive policies on data privacy, research ethics, and public engagement to understand the framework guiding our work.


Access detailed reports of our research findings and analyses. These documents provide in-depth information on our studies, including methodologies, results, and implications for both the scientific community and public health policy.

Health Research Institute Info Boxes


Explore the regulations that guide our operations and ensure compliance with health and safety standards. These rules are foundational for maintaining high research and operational integrity.

Press Releases

Read our latest press releases to stay informed about significant achievements, new research initiatives, and partnerships. Our communications keep the public and stakeholders informed.

Strategic Plans

Review our strategic plans to understand the long-term goals and directions of our institute. These documents outline our priorities, resource allocation, and roadmap for future growth and impact.

Health Research Institute Info Boxes


Explore the acts and legislation that provide the legal framework for our operations. These documents are crucial for understanding the regulatory environment and compliance obligations.


Discover the guidelines developed to ensure the highest standards of research integrity and ethical conduct. These guidelines assist researchers in responsible research practices.

Conference Proceedings

Access the detailed proceedings from our annual conferences, featuring discussions on the latest health science research findings. These serve as key resources for the field.