Welcome to the Resources section. Here, we offer key documentation and insights integral to our mission in health research. This collection encompasses Policies, Regulations, Strategic Plans, Acts, Guidelines, Newsletters, Research Summaries, Reports, and Conference Proceedings, reflecting our institution’s commitment to excellence and innovation in health sciences. Designed for researchers, healthcare professionals, and stakeholders, these resources support informed engagement and collaboration in advancing healthcare outcomes.

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Our institution's health policies outline our approach to healthcare practices, research ethics, and safety protocols, guiding our research and operations.


Regulations govern our research activities, ensuring compliance with health standards, including legal and ethical requirements for medical research.

Strategic Plans

Our strategic plans articulate the vision and goals for tackling health challenges, guiding our research agenda and fostering healthcare innovations.


Acts encompass the legislative frameworks guiding our health research, outlining the rights, duties, and responsibilities involved in ethical research.


Guidelines provide detailed protocols and procedures for conducting research, ensuring that our work adheres to the highest standards of accuracy and ethics.


Our newsletters offer insights into the latest health research findings, updates on ongoing projects, and highlights of our institution's impact in the medical community.

Research Summaries

Research summaries distill the essence of our studies, presenting key findings and implications in an accessible format for both professionals and the public.


Our reports delve into the methodologies, results, and significance of our research projects, offering in-depth analysis and perspectives on health issues.

Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings compile the groundbreaking work presented at health research conferences, showcasing the latest innovations and scholarly discussions.