Dr. Christina Kisha Manyama MD, Clinical trial Specialist and the National Principal Investigator of the Sutezolid Dose finding and Combination evaluation (SUDOCU trial) from @NIMRMbeya presenting findings of the @EDCTP funded @PanACEA_II SUDOCU trial whereby sutezolid with the backbone of bedaquiline+delamanid+moxifloxacin was well tolerated when given over 12 weeks and improved the treatment efficacy. Noticeably, the SUDOCU trial recruited participants from sites in Tanzania @NIMR Mbeya, @IHI, @Kibong`oto @KCRITanzania and South Africa @Auruminstitute. The trial was presented in a TB Science Session @UnionConference in Paris France titled “TB within the Global AMR fight: Prevention drug resistance” #EndTB2030 #GlobalHealth #ResearchMatters #UnionConference #SUDOCUTrial #AMRFight