Commemoration of the Union Day at NIMR Muhimibili

CYSTNET Africa dissemination meeting in Iringa and Chunya district councils

Towards the commemoration of 59 years of Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar, NIMR Muhimbili has disseminated the research findings as part of its contribution to the government’s efforts in solving the health problems of the Tanzanians. The dissemination meetings were attended by the council health management teams and hospital staff members from Two councils (Iringa DC and Chunya DC). The aim was of the meeting was to brief the participants on the findings from the project with the acronym ‘CYSTNET Africa’ that focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Neurocysticercosis (pork tape-worm cysts in the brain) in their respective councils to control epilepsy which is the major problem in the two councils. Participants appreciated the work implemented by NIMR Muhimbili whose findings were regarded as an eye opener to them. They learnt the relationship that exists between epilepsy and Taenia solium (pork tape worm) complications. They promised to utilize the findings to educate their communities, including proper use of latrines and safe preparation of pork meat.

Participants from Chunya, posed for a group photo. The Regional Medical officer of Mbeya (Dr. Maisara Karume -sitting at the middle) attended fully in the dissemination session of Chunya.
Some of the facilitators of the dissemination meeting getting prepared for the session
Group photo of the Iringa participants
Participants of the dissemination included Ms Shakila Kiwanga (Councilor of Kalenga Ward_Left and Dr. Donald Maziku, Medical Officer In-charge of Tosamaganga DDH- Right)
Dissemination meeting at Iringa was officially opened by the District Medical Officer for Iringa DC (Dr. Samuel Marwa- Standing)

The timing of the dissemination was also meant to show the contribution of NIMR to the government’s efforts to solve the health problems of the communities. This goes hand-in-hand to signify the commemoration of the 59 years of the union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar under the theme “Umoja na Ushirikiano Ndiyo Nguzo ya Kukuza Uchumi Wetu”.